We are legal and tech samurais
and put our skills, courage
and determination at the service
of trusted clients.

We are legal and strategic advisors, with a strong technology focus.
We think that digitalization in the legal and consulting industry should not merely revolve around technological tools, but also around challenging established patterns, reinventing our business, and making organizational changes.

We believe in digitizing and automating those processes that can and should be digitalized, while devoting our work to those aspects of our business that benefit from human dynamics.

Our goal is to be the best integrated law and consulting firm in the field of technology. We recognize that industry knowledge, and understanding our client’s business is crucial to providing the best services.

We form close bonds with our clients and offer the best possible value by combining access to a self-serving technology platform with legal and strategic advice.

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Our services

We recognize that excellence requires dedication and the will to be selective about what we do and whom we work with. Our team focuses on the following core industries:

GDPR AND privacy

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Digital Technology

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Sport & entertiment

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Aviation & yachts

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Knowledge-based companies

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Product packages

In addition to general legal and strategic advisory in our core areas, we offer the following products:


We offer a complete START-UP package that includes company incorporation and registration, a set of standard agreements and tools and a number of counseling hours to help the clients start in the right direction.


Our INVEST package includes assistance in assessing a target company, carrying out a limited or complete due diligence, negotiating agreements and closing an investment transaction.


Pivoting is a reality that most companies have to face in their search for the right product, value proposition and positioning. We offer strategic counseling aimed at helping them to explore their choices, assess their strength and implement change.


Our GROWTH package is aimed at companies that wish to accelerate their growth by attracting financing and external investments. We counsel them in implementing the right strategies to attract investors and secure the best possible deal.


Exit is the goal and the point of arrival of many entrepreneurs and investors. Our EXIT package includes legal and strategic advisory aimed at preparing a company for an external due diligence, as well as assistance in negotiating, entering into and executing an exit deal.

Our products:

Keep all work in one place. Interactive templates will guide you.

Join us!

The technological revolution that is shaking the legal industry to its core
is a great window of opportunity for those who have the talent,
the guts and the entrepreneurial spirit to ride the storm.

If you feel you do, get in touch. You are just what we are looking for.