Our services

We recognize that excellence requires dedication and the will to be selective about what we do and whom we work with.

Our team focuses on the following core industries:

GDPR AND privacy

We advise and guide clients through the many questions and worries that might be about GDPR and the impact of the regulation. Either you are a small business owner or a big company with several subcontractors - your handling of personal data must be thought through and in line with the law. A company that process personal data is not only facing the threat of big fines but also their reputation.

For a company to be compliant to GDPR you have to have in place several layers and it requires both external and internal focus and work. We are here to guide our clients in their own businesses, to create understanding and to create a thorough protection of personal data specified for their own field of business.

Our expertise includes internal and external routines and preparation of documents specified for our clients to address and fulfill the many requirements of GDPR, including data processing agreements, privacy policies, consent forms etc. Everything from finding the right lawful ground for your processing activities to understanding what to do with different personal data.

Digital technology

We advise clients for whom technology is the primary focus, from cutting-edge start-ups, to growing companies and professional investors.

What a digital entrepreneur needs from a lawyer is not just legal knowledge, but an advisor that integrates different skillsets, understands the complexity of the industry and appreciates that the way to success may be paved with many failures and that a tech business may not necessary be valued on turnover or its past achievements.

We are digital entrepreneurs ourselves and understand better than many others the dynamics and challenges of this industry.

Our expertise includes software and app development, cloud services, open source and open data, GDPR and automation of legal and administrative processes.

Sport & Entertainment

Working in the sports, entertainment and media business, means facing a myriad of challenges in all areas of the law, from labor to contracts and intellectual property. Counseling in these areas requires more than legal knowledge. It demands great negotiation skills and a deep understanding of the industry, its economics and its unwritten rules.

We represent professional athletes, agents, production companies, and artists, and have extensive experience in the negotiation of endorsement agreements, sponsorships, recording agreements, producer agreements, and license agreements and in the resolution of conflicts ensuing in these areas.

Aviation & Yachts

We have long experience and a all around understanding of the industry. Simply put, this means that we can come up with the right solution without reinventing the wheel in each transaction. This knowledge also gives us the confidence to propose creative approaches when the nature of the case requires it.

We assist owners, operators, lenders, designers, manufacturers and interest groups in regulatory matters, and in the sale, purchase, registration and financing of aircraft and yachts.

We also work extensively with industry specific commercial agreements, such as fractional ownership, management, leasing chartering, and code sharing.

Knowledge-based companies

A substantial part of the current economic growth comes from knowledge-based businesses. These companies face many different strategic and legal challenges in respect of more traditional industries. Their competitive advantage depends on human resources, intangible assets, knowledge and information that need to be protected in a legal framework where simple, standard legal tools are no longer adequate and the fulfillment of a company's goals requires an increasing level of knowledge sharing.

We assist in developing business, HR and legal strategies that allow internal and external knowledge transfer while protecting core assets.

Product packages

In addition to general legal and strategic advisory in our core areas, we offer the following products:


We offer a complete START-UP package that includes company incorporation and registration, a set of standard agreements and tools and a number of counseling hours to help the clients start in the right direction.


Our INVEST package includes assistance in assessing a target company, carrying out a limited or complete due diligence, negotiating agreements and closing an investment transaction.


Pivoting is a reality that most companies have to face in their search for the right product, value proposition and positioning. We offer strategic counseling aimed at helping them to explore their choices, assess their strength and implement change.


Our GROWTH package is aimed at companies that wish to accelerate their growth by attracting financing and external investments. We counsel them in implementing the right strategies to attract investors and secure the best possible deal.


Exit is the goal and the point of arrival of many entrepreneurs and investors. Our EXIT package includes legal and strategic advisory aimed at preparing a company for an external due diligence, as well as assistance in negotiating, entering into and executing an exit deal.

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