We are legal and tech samurais

We put our skills, courage and determination at the service of trusted clients


We are legal and strategic advisors, with a strong technology focus.
We think that digitalization in the legal and consulting industry should not merely revolve around technological tools, but also around challenging established patterns, reinventing our business, and making organizational changes.

We believe in digitalizing  those processes that can and should be automated, while devoting our work to those aspects of our business that benefit from human dynamics.

Our goal is to be the best integrated law and consulting firm in the field of technology. We recognize that industry knowledge, and understanding our client’s business is crucial to providing the best services.


We form close bonds with our clients and offer the best possible value by combining access to a self-serving technology platform with legal and strategic advice.

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Digital Technology

Technological changes happen fast and have a tendency to outpace the law.

Big Data & GDPR

You need the correct procedures to deal with overwhelming complexity of data treatment compliance.


Our services range from assisting in a single aircraft acquisition, to acting as in house legal counsel in all matters concerning your aviation business.


Your career in the sports industry needs an expert negotiator with a business mind and in depth knowledge of every legal aspect.


A fair legal foundation can give an artistic career the resources it needs to develop and succeed.